Sail & Kite Coating

Nanoprotect Sail & Kite Coating - Sail and Spinnacker coating with impregnation and gliding effect

Sails are one of the most sensitive components of a boat. Mechanical loads (maneuvers, strong winds) and environmental influences (water, salt) are a major factor for all canvas, foils and laminates.


Sail & Kite coating is a two-component canvas coating based on the chemical nanotechnology. The optically neutral coating extends the life, increases the performance and simplifies the handling.


Sail & Kite coating is an effective shield against water, dirt and weather. The surface gets extremely slidable, reducing friction and facilitating handling of large fabric layers. Fast drying reduces the growth of mildew and mold formation.


Sail & Kite Coating thus significantly increases the life of the fabric.


Smooth, dry sails -> Better performance -> Optimal aerodynamics


Nanoprotect Sail & Kite Coating - Smooth sails -> Better performance -> Optimal aerodynamics
Nanoprotect Sail & Kite Coating - Smooth sails -> Better performance -> Optimal aerodynamics


  • Improve the gliding behavior up to 35%
    (trimming, setting and recovery of sails, fock or spinnaker)
  • Significant reduction of friction in the mast groove and profile guard
  • Strong waterproofing effect, very high water and dirt repellency
  • Up to 65% less water absorption saves weight, reduces space requirements and minimizes drying times *
  • Reduction of mold and stain formation
  • Reduced air permeability optimizes aerodynamics
  • Increase the breaking load of sail cloths without increasing the fabric weight
  • Extremely high durability
  • Resistant to cleaning chemicals
  • Highly concentrated -> high yield
  • Solvent-free -> No odour nuisance -> Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Non-combustible -> Non-hazardous material -> Free of biocides
  • Easy application

Areas of application:

  • Spinnaker, jib and mainsail, furling sails, kites etc...
  • Waterproof coating for persenning, tents, pavillions, sun sails or awning

We recommend Sail & Kite Impregnation as a spray impregnation for fabrics that cannot be rolled out over a large area. (sprayhood, protective roofs, convertible top, sun shade, backpack, sailing-clothing, shoes, boat pillows, etc.)


Nanoprotect Sail & Kite - Easy application with a sponge


  • The product is highly concentrated and has to be diluted with water before use
  • After dilution, component B (activator) is added
  • Roll out cleaned and dry canvas
  • Easy wiping of the coating with a sponge or mop
  • Alternatively, the product can also be applied by dipping

Product variations::

  • 50 ml Set (approx. 10 - 16 m²  or 20 - 32 m², depending on kind of cloth)
  • 125 ml Set  (approx. 25 - 40 m² or 50 - 80 m², depending on kind of cloth)


  • Smooth cloth (spinnaker, kite, surf sail, tent):
    -> Range of the 50 ml set = 20 - 32 m²
    -> Range of the 125 ml set = 50 - 80 m²
  • Coarse cloth (mainsail, foresail, tarpaulin, sprayhood, spi-trumpet, sun sail, awning, Spectra, Dacron or Mylar):
  • -> Range of the 50 ml set = 10 - 16 m²
  • -> Range of the 125 ml set = 25 - 40 m²

* The data was collected in a combination of scientific tests and field tests. Comparisons were made between untreated sail cloths with identical canvases that had a Sail & Kite coating. The drying times were measured at 23°C and 46% humidity.

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